"Learning to Speak the Mandarin Chinese language...is meant to be fun and natural"

Make Money While You Sleep With The

ChinaSpeak Affiliate Program


If you have a China or Chinese-related site why not join our Affiliate program and earn some extra cash.

(A Chinese related site could be for example business, language, arts and culture, taiqi, kungfu or traditional Chinese medicine etc )

Simply copy and paste our banners on your site and for every person that clicks it (bringing them to our site) and buys... you get paid!

It's free to join and there's no risk or obligation on your part.

Get up to USD $150 commission
per order

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Here's What You Get

You get USD $75 on every Digital Video BusinessSpeak purchase
You get USD $20 on every Digital Video TravelSpeak purchase
You get USD $5 on every Digital Video Meet&Greet purchase
You even get paid if a purchase is made through another re-seller you referred
If your visitors decide to buy today or even 10 years later, you still get paid
You get paid every month like clockwork
There's no minimum pay out level
You'll have access to our proven high converting banners
You'll get instant notification on every sale & referral
Get access to powerful central control panel where you can get your customised links, track your sales, plan campaigns and more
Real Time sales tracking using an internationally proven enterprise software
We handle all the customer support & orders you just place the promotion links
The Affiliate program is FREE to join!
You can start putting the banner and text links on your site within 20 minutes


Here's When You Get Paid

"Payment Day" is defined as the end of the next month from the date of purchase.

You'll be paid on the Payment Day for all CLEARED orders.

What does it mean: All orders come with a guarantee of 30 - 60 days. You will get the credit for a sale after the guarantee period has passed from the date of the order and the customer has not requested a refund.

For example, if someone orders through your link on the 16th of June (and the product has a 30 day guarantee period), you'll be paid for this sale on the 31st of July. If someone orders through your link on the 20th of June, you'll still be paid for this sale on the 31st of July. Paypal (owned by eBay) is used for all payments.


Terms of Use & Instructions

Who can register as an affiliate

You can register as an affiliate if:

  • You are over 18 years of age.
  • You have a valid account with Paypal.
  • You accept and abide with all the terms of use and rules mentioned on this page.

How you can register as an affiliate

Click HERE to register.

New Affiliate Registration

You will be asked to VERIFY your registration.
Once you register, check your email. You'll find a message from ChinaSpeak.com.au. Click on the link inside that message to verify your registration.

Your affiliate links

You will be able to get your affiliate links through your personal centralised control panel once you complete your registration.

Ethical use - terms

Some simple rules:

  • Do not use SPAM to promote this affiliate program.
  • Do not make any false and/or fake promises at all.
  • Do not use eBay to promote these products.
  • Do not include your affiliate links to pornographic sites or any adult sites, or to any site that has NOTHING to do with learning Mandarin Chinese, Travelling and doing Business in China and any kind of Chinese learning on the internet.
  • Do not use your affiliate links to order or to register as a sub-affiliate.
  • In general, do not try to cheat the system.

Commission Scheme

You will receive from 20% UP TO 50% for each sale generated by your affiliate link.

Your affiliate account is bound to the terms mentioned on this page and failure to comply with them may result in immediate deactivation of your affiliate account and seizure of your existing commissions. Furthermore, if we feel, based on our own personal opinion, that you have misused, or have engaged in any form of unethical actions or malpractice, we may deactivate your affiliate account at any time, and request that you cease promotion immediately.

If you need any clarification email us at: affiliates (a) ChinaSpeak dot com dot au

New Affiliate Registration

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