"Learning to Speak the Mandarin Chinese language...is meant to be fun and natural"

" We Are All One"

The beautiful angels
of the
ChinaSpeak Family


I like to think I can do it all - chief customer service operator, lead designer, head engineer, product developer, speaker, sanitation engineer (read cleaner), EA - executive assistant, courier, packager, postal operator, marketer, salesman, publicity agent, event organiser, intern (fetches water - I don't drink coffee) .. .. ..

We are all one and many. I don't want to appear philosophical, soppy or hippy- but it's true.

I am truly grateful for having the privilege of being here to help you, having an beautiful, supportive family, mentors and wonderful friends.

I would like to just introduce you to some of the ChinaSpeak family who has played the role of Kings and Queens in nurturing ChinaSpeak to where it is today.

To Be Continued...

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