"Learning to Speak the Mandarin Chinese language...is meant to be fun and natural"

"Free Guide and Mini-Video Course on
How You Can Get By Speaking Chinese
Saying What You Want, When You Want
and Have FUN Learning too!

Yes I Know - Almost a Dream When Compared to Wading Through Thick, Boring Textbooks, Drilling Through The Tones Endlessly, Repeating Like a Parrot...

   It's not your fault.

Yes - that's right. It's not your fault.

   Believe it or not, you're naturally wired to learn to express yourself in any language. Yes...


   What's your mother tongue?

How did you start learning to speak it?

   Imagine this... when you're a lil baby crawling around...

While you were crawling, then standing, then walking, then running, you knew something unconsciously and that was the genetic code, the genetic code to learning ANY language you want.

   Because you instinctively knew this, you learnt very, very quickly with no doubt, full of ease and confidence to start speaking what you speak fluently now.

What's this genetic code to learning language?

It's the 3 Pillar Principle.

3 Vital Things You Need to Know
About Learning Chinese
(or any foreign language)

   Like all things, it's simple yet so powerful.

Techniques are methods, how-to-do's. The foundation of techniques are based on principles. They are the bedrock.

This is what the 3 Pillar Principles does, provide you the solid bedrock, the firm foundation and wisdom to learning any language, whether you're a beginner or seasoned learner.

You are naturally programmed to learn languages. fullstop.

   There's no doubt about it. I've learnt many languages all my life, from natural immersion and also (for a brief and painful unsuccessful time) through weekend classes and 'university'.

   These languages included English! =) Mandarin, Cantonese, 3 dialects of Chinese, Malay, Uighur (Old Turkish), Japanese and Spanish.

   I say this not to impress you, but to impress UPON you what we, you - are capable of.

   School teaching has it's place but I strongly feel that in languages, the traditional book-bashing approach isn't really helping anyone much, especially in this busy day and age.

   In fact, it may even be holding you back. And I say this with utmost respect way because I personally know many passionate teachers.

   From my journey going through all those languages, teaching and training 3 year-olds to CEO's, I've realised there was an underlying familiarity to learning all of these languages - this genetic code - the 3 Pillar Principles and I want to share them with you which I've never seen while learning myself.

Learn How You Can Remember
Without Writing A Single Word Down

   Not only are you going to learn the 3 Pillar Principles, you'll be shown, with this genetic code, HOW you can remember what you've learnt without writing anything down so that you can start Speaking Chinese in minutes through your series of 8 mini-VIDEOS... and all this without writing a thing down.

Hard to believe?

   Most people have exactly the same reaction when they first hear it too.

   Just give it a go and prove me wrong. You've got nothing to lose. And if you don't like it, you can easily unsubcscribe with the click of a button.

Free Mini-Video Training to See Just How It's Possible For You To Speak So Fast

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    Alex C. Foo


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Learn to Speak Chinese Mandarin FAST

"Dear Alex

   I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for taking the time to come and give the Virgin Team a very useful hour of your time.

   It was Easily the most useful hour I have spent with anyone This week. Your teaching methods are innovative and importantly very Practical.

   Right from outset we were able to construct simple sentences that will be immediately useful in our business dealings in China.

Yours sincerely,

David Baxby - CEO
Virgin Management
Asia Pacific

We emailed a BusinessSpeak client, Mia to check that she received her videos OK and this was what Mia said ONE day after she started her Gold Professional BusinessSpeak course:

"Ni Hao Alex

Yes I did thank you very much and am rocketing through. They are very good!

I managed to use a couple of sentences and can say more than just thank you and hi now!"

Mia Lander
Victoria , Australia

As seen and heard on
ABC TV and Radio

Nihao Alex:

My wife and I are really enjoying the videos we have received from you.

My wife by the way is German and learned French and English at the Un Schhold for Translators in Geneve.

I say that because we took a one hour course with a lady like you describe from some University in China two weeks ago in Montreal .

My wife said afterwards, having learned languages and taught them too that that was no way to learn a language or even really grasp the basics.

I showed her your course and she said..

"That's the right way"

Keep the cards and letters coming... joking

Best Regards

Jim Morrison
Quebec, Canada

"Hi Alex,

Yes, I have received all the audios and videos... Thanks for asking.

I have started the lessons and they are great.

I have bought several Chinese language books, tapes and CD's in the past but have made very little progress trying to learn to speak, read and write all at once.

However, with your lessons and methods, the language is actually sinking in!!!"


Shelley Higgs
Queensland, Australia

"Hi Alex,

Well, I am almost finished with the lessons and I can definitely say that this is the most fun way of learning a new language. And I have learned a few in my time.

I am always looking forward to each new lesson and when I try it on my Chinese friends, they have been quite complimentary so far, so I must be learning something all right."

Take care

Pete Tomasec
, United Kingdom