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Thank you for having the heart and taking the time to come to this particular page. A story very close and important to everyone here at ChinaSpeak.

I hope you feel the same.

I believe that we're all here for a special reason, a special purpose, regardless of what faith we subscribe to.

I believe that we're all here, magnificent beings of pure, white light and boundless potential with special gifts to share.

The fact that you're reading this - right now, in front of a computer connected to the world wide web puts you and I in the 7% of the world population (with access to the internet).

There is no judgement of good or bad here.

It's just a fact. Everyday I feel blessed and grateful for what we have, where we live, what we eat and the people we live with - everything.

I hope you feel the same.

If I can, I'd like to may share a personal story with you...

In December 2002, my dad and I journeyed back to my roots - to Hainan Island off Mainland China. We were there to pay respects to my grandpa, grandma (who just passed away) and ancestors nestled in the rural rice paddies, vegie gardens, fruit orchards in the dense, tropical jungle.

My farming relatives woke up before the crack of dawn, roosters crowing . It was still dark and already they prepared to head out into the fields to start the day. And most returned past sunset after another day's work.

The average daily income for a farmer was a measely 20 RMB. The equivalent of $4 Aussie dollars ($3 USD). For one WHOLE day of back-bending work.

That wasn't all...It really brought home the point when I was about to leave...

After a brief stay, we had to return back to Australia. Some relatives came with us and saw us off at HaiKou international airport. While waiting, we ordered some coffee for them. 1 Cup of Coffee... cost 20 RMB... after more than 10 hours of sweat and tears to eke out a living...

This brought tears to my eyes...

Here's Where Part of Your Decision
to ChinaSpeak Goes:

There are many less privileged than us. And because of your help through your sincerity and earnest in learning to speak Chinese with ChinaSpeak - it is our honour and privilege...

To do what?

...To give part of the proceeds to help, support and empower others less fortunate.

(These are especially children and in particular women - often the foundation of a stable society) so that they can grow their potential and their special gifts.

So that they too, like you and I, can share and spread their light, illuminating others around them.

On behalf of them, with Loving Kindness - Thank You.


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