"Learning to Speak the Mandarin Chinese language...is meant to be fun and natural"

Gold Professional

- Save Time, Build GuanXi, Power Forward

Impress and Earn Respect
Smooth Your way to Better Business with
Your Chinese Hosts, Clients and Guests


Dear Fellow Professional & Businessperson,

You probably have heard this line many times...

"It's not what you know, It's WHO you know."

(and How Much they like YOU!)

This Definitely applies in China. Relationships are the fundamental oil that runs Chinese society - probably even more so than other non-asian countries. Cultivating relationships through building trust with your sincerity is known as 'GuanXi' in Chinese.

How Will The Chinese Remember You?

There are now many foreigners working in China or with the Chinese. Apart from your professional skills - What makes sets YOU apart from any other foreigner flowing in and out of China?

How do you make yourself memorable to them among the sea of faces?

One powerful way is to invest in swimming with them, in their own culture and language. Most, however, rarely take the effort to bond through language, thinking it's too hard - takes too much time and effort.

If you think learning through the traditional textbooks reading and writing is takes a lot of time and is usually BORING - You're right, I don't blame you at all.

That's why this program was developed and tested to help you...

Start Speaking Chinese in 58 Minutes
Making Your Very Own Sentences
Asking Your Very Own Questions

Save Time - Get Immediate Practical Results

(many people have already learnt what you are about to - just see some of those companies on your right -->

If you want to learn how to:

then Gold BusinessSpeak may be the ideal solution for you.

Have a read of what Virgin CEO David Baxby says from his experience:

"It was Easily the most useful hour I have spent with anyone This week. Your teaching methods are innovative and importantly very Practical.

Right from outset we were able to construct simple sentences that will be immediately useful in our business dealings in China."

- David Baxby - CEO
   Virgin Management Asia Pacific
Sydney, Australia - Shanghai, China


This is what your Gold BusinessSpeak program is Loaded with:

Quick Start Surprise Bonus Video
Step 1  
Step 2   Step 3   Step 4   Step 5   



1.   Quick Start Surprise Bonus Video

Pull up a chair and join Alex in getting this personal Bonus Video to really launch your ChinaSpeak journey....fast.

 No more details will be revealed but it will benefit and help you in whatever you learn for work, school or leisure - not just Chinese.


2.   Gold BusinessSpeak Video (view sample here)

Throw away your pens and paper.

Get relaxed and comfortable to start ChinaSpeaking quickly and naturally, the way we were designed.

Here's what you'll learn in the first few minutes...

 How you Meet&Greet in Chinese with the utmost respect

 Maximise the time you have through your flow of power learning - learning 1 thing...and really learning 3!

 How tones are already naturally an asset for you, regardless of whether you think you're tone deaf.

For a Complete and Detailed List of ALL the video modules included in your Gold BusinessSpeak package, click here.

3.   Exclusive TravelSpeak Audio

You will get access to specially designed tracks totally different to the boring repeat-after-me phrases.

Here's what's so special:

 Voices from different regions from China
(from locals and highly qualified teachers and professors)

 Interact and focus your listening and ability to understand

 Interact and increase your speaking ability to express yourself even better

180 tracks of fine-tuning your listening and speaking.

4.   Exclusive BusinessSpeak Audio

More specially tailored professional BusinessSpeak to build that valuable relationship with your Chinese hosts, clients and guests.

They'll definitely remember you for the warm, sincere positive impression you make with your ChinaSpeaking.

Over 70 audios tailored especially for business and professional relationship-building situations, you'll find yourself in.

5.   Bonus Group Q&A Teleconference Session

You probably will have some questions when going through the program so here is an included Bonus Q&A session with Alex Foo himself and many other like-minded ChinaSpeakers like yourself.

Details will be given through email for when your Bonus session is held after you start ChinaSpeaking.

* Exclusive Bonus *

Get Your Bonus Private Session With Founder, Alex Himself


Because we know that you're serious in really building solid Chinese professional and business relationships - you probably will have some questions of your own when going through your BusinessSpeak program.

So here is an Exclusive Bonus Phone session with Alex Foo himself all to yourself (valued at $350)


Just contact us and schedule your time with Alex

Now with all that said, here are some questions for you:

How much do you value your Chinese business relationships?

What is earning the respect of your Chinese business and professional worth to you - now and into the future?

If it's anything then the best way is to invest in yourself.

And the best thing is that it's:

You Get All of The Materials INSTANTLY online...
(even if it's 2am on a Saturday)

As soon as you confirm details, you'll be invited to a page to instantly download all the materials as well as receiving an email with your username and password that gives you instant, online access to your Gold BusinessSpeak Edition.

For only $347 (with a bonus of already $350 personal coaching), here is a summarised list of what your Gold BusinessSpeak pack includes:

1. Quick Start Introductory Bonus Video
(instantly downloadable 3-part video to really boost your abilty to learn anything faster)

Gold BusinessSpeak Video
(instantly downloadable 21 Video Modules)
- 4 hours 21 minutes of tightly edited lessons

For a Complete and Detailed List of ALL the video modules included in your Gold BusinessSpeak package, click here.

3. Exclusive TravelSpeak Audio
(over 254 specially designed audio tracks to focus and better your listening and speaking)

Exclusive BusinessSpeak Audio
Over 80 audio business tracks for all those mucho importante GuanXi building situations where you'll find yourself in

5. Bonus Group Q&A Teleconference Session
Get on the phone with Alex and others just like you around the world, where Alex answers any questions you may have
6. Exclusive Bonus
Fully Recorded One-on-one Private phone Coaching Session with Alex where you can ask him anything related to Business Chinese
(valued at $350 which companies invest per session)

I Want to Start
Building My Chinese Relationships

(all materials are instantly accessed online)


Paypal accepted here
simply click above

or Your Money Back

details here


Our Pledge To You

Hi, it's Alex Foo here. I just want to let you know that I value you as a customer and I'm committed to keeping every promise.

What is this promise?

It's your no-questions asked, 100 percent money-back 60-day guarantee if you can't honestly state that you can start impressing your Chinese guests, friends, partner, colleagues or in-laws by confidently asking questions and replying in FULL Chinese when Meeting & Greeting them.

And this is just after cruising through Modules 4 and 5 where you can Meet&Greet any Chinese stranger you meet on the street the very next day.

All the risk, if any, is on me.

If you don't enjoy the results that good or better within the first 60 days of using your ChinaSpeak course (where almost all students gave feedback saying that they got immediate results after only a few viewings), we don't deserve to keep your money.

You have every right to ask for a full, no-questions asked, on-the-spot, 100 percent refund anytime you decide. In fact, I Demand that you ask for your money-back.

And if you decide that you want a refund, you don't have to feel obligated to give any feedback with no hard feelings whatsoever on our part.

That's our pledge to you.

Alex C. Foo


"Alex, You Are A Man Of Your Word"

"Hi Alex,

These ChinaSpeak lessons are very helpful for the beginner.

I've learnt Mandarin for around a year so it's not fit for me.

Thank you so much for opening necessary classes and teaching everyone how to speak the Chinese language.

Best regards,"

- Matt Kosa

Time's A Wasting

Besides taxes and death, one thing is for certain ... time waits for nobody.

That means, instead of starting to speak Chinese - making your very own sentences and questions, 58 minutes from now, you'll only see this webpage again.

The point is this: you can start today knowing very little or nothing and in a few days you can actually be speaking Chinese and impressing yourself and your friends...when you decide to invest. That's just reality.

"Even Months After The Course Finished,
I Can Still Remember Whole Sentences!"

"I went into the ChinaSpeak courses thinking that it would be a little difficult to achieve some of the claims that were advertised, such as to be able to actually speak a sentence after one hour (and actually remember it for days afterwards!).

However I was greatly surprised to discover that not only did I learn Chinese at an astonishing rate, I really enjoyed myself and was able to speak confidently in Chinese quite quickly. Even months after the course finished, I can still remember whole sentences!

Alex is really an amazing teacher and I owe him so much for helping me learn this difficult language! His teaching style and methods really help students to grasp and remember many useful words and sentence patterns.

I can now speak simple sentences with my Chinese friends comfortably, and I truly look forward to learning more from ChinaSpeak courses.

Alex has really sparked a determination in me to continue trying to master this language! I want to travel to China someday to test my speaking abilities, and it is my dream job to work with languages.

Thank you Alex for starting me along the path to learning Chinese!

Advice to readers: Just relax and feel comfortable during these courses, they don't require intense study to learn this at all - it's a very natural learning process that is simultaneously enjoyable.

Also if you get the chance to practice your newfound skills outside of the ChinaSpeak environment, such as with friends, go for it! It's a great way to reiterate what you have learnt…"

- Riana Young
Perth, Australia
(now in Taipei, Taiwan)


Frequently Asked Questions:

  Can I learn even if I'm not in Perth, Australia?

Most definitely! This is the reason why we invested a lot of sweat, blood and tears into professionally producing the videos and audios. To help people like you who may not be in Perth.

So that you can get the benefit of starting to speak Mandarin Chinese in 58 minutes, wherever you are in the world, whenever you want to.

  How is ChinaSpeak Method different from all the other learning Chinese programs?

ChinaSpeak has done a lot of research into how the human body learns. Notice that we didn't say the human brain. We use the whole body in learning.

It is totally different to the traditional textbook approach to learning.

You only learn how to speak and understand Chinese not read and write.

The programs are specifically focused on our in-built natural rhythms and learning patterns. It caters to how we are wired to learn naturally instead of us changing to learn from books un-naturally.

Books have their place but we believe it's not at the beginning, especially when learning to speak.

It's pretty hardwork swimming upstream against a raging river. Why not go with the flow and enjoy the journey?


  How do I know that ChinaSpeak doesn't contain the same old "rote book learning" that I've seen so many times over the years?

Good question. I'm glad you asked.

1st of all, when you get your pack, you'll notice that there is very little written material. No books, no pens, no paper. We actually encourage you, when you're starting to speak to Not have anything.

2nd of all and more importantly, I'd like you to imagine yourself...

as a baby child...

How did you get your first exposure to language?

Was it through a thick book?

Was it through picking up a pencil and writing?

This is the fundamental flaw in the traditional textbook approach. We naturally first learn to listen and speak before reading and writing. It's a fact. You and I, all of us learn this way.

Oh and another very 'funny' yet important point:

When do you enjoy learning?

When you're having fun?

Or when it's boring and hard work?

It's only possible that you can start Speaking Chinese within 58 minutes only because it is natural and fun for you.


  Will ChinaSpeak give me immediate results, or is it a program where I have to put in a lot of hours to study and memorise?

We promise and back it with a full guarantee that you'll be able to feel immediate results and be able to make your own sentences and questions within 58 minutes of the program. Be ready to surprise yourself. =)

You'll be speaking naturally with fun. And you'll be able to almost remember it for the rest of your life. A big claim and our students tell us that they can remember it over 2 years ago.


  How is ChinaSpeak different from all the learn-to-speak-Chinese programs that give you a thick book and maybe a CD to complement it?

These programs are based on the assumption that if you can read it enough times. And listen to a native speaker rattle off sentences enough times - it'll sink in.

Fair enough, it'll sink in after repeated exposure again and again. The question is:

   Is it fun?

   For how long,

   And how much can you express yourself in speaking and understanding Chinese?

ChinaSpeak caters to your natural learning pattern - the way we're all wired and programmed instinctively by Mother Nature. And our students tell us it's an unforgettable, fun and engaging experience.


  Does ChinaSpeak teach me to write Chinese characters (those chicken scratch words)?

In short, No.

No characters will be covered at all. That will come more naturally when you can start speaking Mandarin Chinese. Writing takes more determination and effort.


  When I order, do I get FULL access to the program online?

You betcha! You will immediately be taken to the download page with your username and password. In case you forget to write it down, you'll also receive an email with your username and password and link to log in and download EVERYTHING.

And start watching your videos. And listening to your audio tracks. Instant access, 24/7.

Oh and I forgot to add, you'll also get an email with your ChinaSpeak User Guide to download so that you make the most of your ChinaSpeaking experience.

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