"Learning to Speak the Mandarin Chinese language...is meant to be fun and natural"

"Learn to
Start Speaking
Mandarin Chinese
in just 58 minutes"

Chinese language video lessons for you anywhere in the world!

Perfect for business, travel, dining out, or just plain fun -- you'll learn to start speaking conversational Chinese in your own time and space... WITHOUT textbooks OR boring repetition

ChinaSpeak courses include...


"Making New Friends and Great Impressions!"

"Essential Chinese for Travellers as well"

Silver Speak

(For pricing information - click here)

The perfect way to break the ice with your Chinese guests or hosts!

You'll make an excellent first impression with your sincere efforts to speak the Absolute Essentials to your associates in their own language.

Planning to travel to China or Taiwan, or just interested in learning a new language? This course will help you speak practical Chinese right from the start!

Ideal for both travellers and for speaking with Chinese family and friends.

(We've had people learning because of their Chinese boyfriend, girlfriend, in-laws!)


"Chinese for Business Professionals"

Gold Professional BusinessSpeak

(For pricing information - click here)
(Includes SilverSpeak as well)

Enhance the relationship with your Chinese clients.

You'll not only learn to make your own key sentences and phrases, you'll also understand many cultural courtesies that your Chinese clients will notice and appreciate.


"Dining Out... The Language of Food and Drink!"

Unlock The China Code
Essential Business Dining Etiquette

(For pricing information - click here)

If you conduct business in China, or entertain Chinese business guests at home, this course will help you understand Chinese hospitality, and feel comfortable with your Chinese host or guest.

From the classroom of Alex Foo
Tuesday, 10:43 a.m.

Dear Friend,

If you've tried to learn to speak Chinese before, only to discover that you didn't seem to have the "knack" for languages...

Or if you've always wanted to learn how to speak Chinese, but heard that it's a difficult language to conquer...

... Then I can help!

My name is Alex Foo, and as a Cambridge University-Certified language instructor who grew up speaking both English AND Chinese, I've spent the past few years teaching people in Sydney and Perth, Australia how to begin speaking Chinese, quickly, easily, and naturally -- in just 58 minutes!

"You'll be speaking Chinese in full sentences
... by the end of your very FIRST lesson"

The secret to my approach to teaching Chinese is surprisingly simple...

I help you learn the language the way nature intended! NO textbooks... NO rote memorization... NO grammar rules to study... NO books to read... NO lists of words to parrot back...

After all, that isn't how you learned to speak your first language, is it? ;-)

I've been teaching (and learning!) languages long enough to know that those standard classroom techniques just don't work! Chances are they just make you feel like a failure -- because it's almost impossible to learn from them.

In OUR classes, we'll just relax, have lots of fun, enjoy each others' company... and talk!

And along with this natural, relaxed approach to language learning, you'll get your own videos and audios to start learning to speak as fast as you like. Watching the videos is as if you were in a class with me in front of you but not with the hassles of running around after work to late evening classes for 2 hours or more at a time.

So if you're thinking about learning Chinese for business, for a trip you're planning, or even if you just enjoy Chinese culture, or the fun of learning something completely new and different, just choose the programs below which you feel best suit you for what you want.


Silver General TravelSpeak

Quick Start Surprise Bonus Video
Step 1  
Step 2   Step 3   Step 4


Gold Professional BusinessSpeak

Quick Start Surprise Bonus Video
Step 1  
Step 2   Step 3   Step 4   Step 5


Unlock The China Code
Essential Chinese Business Dining Etiquette

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