"Learning to Speak the Mandarin Chinese language...is meant to be fun and natural"

"The ChinaSpeak Method"

So How Do You Learn So Quick?


You can start Speaking Chinese very very quickly using:

cFoo's 3 Keys
cFoo Foundation Principles

Before we go into that, I want to ask you...


Imagine yourself as a small baby again...

What was your first language?

Did you first Hear it?...YES!


Who did you learn from to say those first few words?



Did you learn to say it Without reading textbooks?



Did you learn to say it Without taking notes?


***cFoo's 3 Keys***

ChinaSpeak’s holistic teaching philosophy is based on 3 simple guidelines. Say...

Bye Bye pen !

Bye Bye paper !

Bye Bye stress !

We learn to speak naturally without the use of paper, books, pen and pencils. ChinaSpeak teaches you to learn aas nature intended. The classes promote a supportive learning environment. This encourages everyone to enjoy themselves learning to speak Chinese.

Relax. Have fun. Make mistakes. Play. Smile. Laugh!

Some people may scoff at this and dismiss it. But the results show for themselves.

When do you enjoy learning the most?

> When you are under continuous pressure and stress?
> Or when you are thoroughly having a good time?

Do you remember your favourite class, your favourite teacher? Why was it your favourite? Most likely it would include some of the factors just mentioned.

Educational research has shown that stress is one of the major inhibitors to effective learning and long-term retention, regardless of age.

"A smile everyday gets you learning away!"

***cFoo Foundation Principles***

The foundations of the cFoo Method are based on how we learn language naturally. After extensive research internationally and through years of experience in teaching Chinese and the arts, the cFoo Method is based on 2 foundation principles:

  1. Organic Learning

    We learn most effectively when we are internally motivated and can feel the results. The Chinese courses are systematically designed where you make visible progress in every lesson, gradually meeting your aims.

  2. Accelerated Learning

    Accelerated learning fully utilises your whole body’s potential to learn efficiently. Different people have different learning strengths – some people visualise, others like to move, intellectualise or hear. ChinaSpeak incorporates all these elements to maximise your learning potential.

When you enrol, the very first thing you do is learn about your learning strengths thorugh our unique system.

Like 2 strong legs supporting our body, the cFoo Foundation Principles provide a stable base for fast and effective language learning.

The beauty about the cFoo Method is that you will be given the tools to learn independently as well. You learn how to learn. We strongly believe in empowering you so that you do not have to completely rely on us.

It is through understanding and practical use that we can guarantee you can start speaking Chinese quickly easily and naturally.

Don't listen to me waffle on, prove it to yourself.


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