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Deluxe DVDs and CDs shipped to you with FREE postage

- Including instant online access to video modules 1,2,3,4 and 5 to keep you busy while the package flies to you (with postage and handling FREE - paid by us).

2 DVDs with Over 3 hours of broadcast-quality Video

4 Audio CDs with can't-be-bought-anywhere interactive audio tracks to revise what you've learnt through the DVDs... with 180 exclusive listening and speaking tracks

... PLUS...Additional Bonus videos (alone worth more than hiring a private consultant) sent straight to you via email as you fly through your TravelSpeak course. These practical bonus videos are made from my moments of inspiration in the past and into the future to give to you, supplementing what you're already learning to ChinaSpeak even more.

You can replay it and have much more fun learning and remembering it for when you need to use it in the Real world.

NOTE: These are PAL format, region-free DVDs.

Viewers in Japan or USA may display distortion because of a different NTSC format. If you're in Japan or USA, please make sure your DVD player can watch them.



TV Broadcast-Quality VIDEO course on your computer

Same content as the DVD & CD version but downloadable
(please see above)

- The full course in digital video, crystal-clear recording and
  (viewable on MAC and PC)

...PLUS 180 exclusive listening and speaking univeral MP3 tracks.

Why Video?

Do you often wonder to yourself when you see a new Chinese word written, HOW on earth do I say that?!

for example "ci" = what would a complete newbie read it as?

It can be...




ka as in kayak


Which one is correct?

Well it's none of the above. The closest non-pinyin phonetic that resembles this sound is... "tsr"

what the?!

Yes - Exactly. How in the heck do you say that?!

I hope you can appreciate how important video is.

The Power of Video

  • Watch how I use my mouth when sounding out Chinese words
  • See what I write and draw as I explain core principles on the board
  • Interact with me, with your body, copying my specific moves so that it's ingrained within you without boring parrot memorising
  • and Have one less thing to worry about - ie how to say it!

... PLUS...additional Bonus videos (alone worth more than hiring a private tutor) sent straight to you via email as you fly through your TravelSpeak course. These practical bonus videos are made from my moments of inspiration in the past and into the future to give to you, supplementing what you're already learning to ChinaSpeak even more.

Bonus videos will also be sent to you straight to your inbox as they're finished hot off the press to supplement more of what you are already loaded with.


Basic Digital AUDIO Course

The Definitive Audio Course to TravelSpeak
(same content as videos)

- Instant download of full course in audio mp3 format universally playable with 15 packed audio modules taking you from the basic Hello to bargaining your way in the markets almost like a seasoned local.

Note: that there will be some areas where I will write on a board to explain key pillar principles. Because this is in audio - you'll have to have a keen sense of hearing and focus more intently to follow the explanations of principles.

...PLUS... 180 bonus audio tracks of exclusively designed mp3's (with different voices from different parts of China) to accelerate your listening and Chinaspeaking skills. These are not your typical, boring repeat-after-me phrases. They're interactive and you can't find any audios like these anywhere else.




Our Pledge To You

Hi, it's Alex Foo here. I just want to let you know that I value you as a customer and I'm committed to keeping every promise.

What is this promise?

It's your no-questions asked, 100 percent money-back 60-day guarantee if you can't honestly state that you can start impressing your Chinese guests, friends, partner, colleagues or in-laws by confidently asking questions and replying in FULL Chinese when Meeting & Greeting them.

And this is just after cruising through Modules 4 and 5 where you can Meet&Greet any Chinese stranger you meet on the street the very next day.

All the risk, if any, is on me.

If you don't enjoy the results that good or better within the first 60 days of using your ChinaSpeak course (where almost all students gave feedback saying that they got immediate results after only a few viewings), we don't deserve to keep your money.

You have every right to ask for a full, no-questions asked, on-the-spot, 100 percent refund anytime you decide. In fact, I Demand that you ask for your money-back.

And if you decide that you want a refund, you don't have to feel obligated to give any feedback with no hard feelings whatsoever on our part.

That's our pledge to you.

Alex C. Foo

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