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As with everything, I fully recommend that you take your time to see if any solution for anything - is fit for you. The most important thing is that it resonates within you and you feel at home and comfortable.

Card of Big Thanks from Students of Curtin University

June 2006

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"Easily The Most Useful Hour I Have Spent With Anyone This Week"

"Dear Alex

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for taking the time to come and give the Virgin Team a very useful hour of your time.

It was Easily the most useful hour I have spent with anyone This week. Your teaching methods are innovative and importantly very Practical.

Right from outset we were able to construct simple sentences that will be immediately useful in our business dealings in China.

I look forward to continuing the sessions and also to receiving the audio CD's to refresh each lesson."

Yours sincerely,

David Baxby - CEO
   Virgin Management Asia Pacific
Sydney, Australia - Shanghai, China

"Even Months After The Course Finished,
I Can Still Remember Whole Sentences!"

"I went into the ChinaSpeak courses thinking that it would be a little difficult to achieve some of the claims that were advertised, such as to be able to actually speak a sentence after one hour (and actually remember it for days afterwards!).

However I was greatly surprised to discover that not only did I learn Chinese at an astonishing rate, I really enjoyed myself and was able to speak confidently in Chinese quite quickly. Even months after the course finished, I can still remember whole sentences!

Alex is really an amazing teacher and I owe him so much for helping me learn this difficult language! His teaching style and methods really help students to grasp and remember many useful words and sentence patterns.

I can now speak simple sentences with my Chinese friends comfortably, and I truly look forward to learning more from ChinaSpeak courses.

Alex has really sparked a determination in me to continue trying to master this language! I want to travel to China someday to test my speaking abilities, and it is my dream job to work with languages.

Thank you Alex for starting me along the path to learning Chinese!

Advice to readers: Just relax and feel comfortable during these courses, they don't require intense study to learn this at all - it's a very natural learning process that is simultaneously enjoyable.

Also if you get the chance to practice your newfound skills outside of the ChinaSpeak environment, such as with friends, go for it! It's a great way to reiterate what you have learnt…"

- Riana Young
Perth, Australia
(now working in Taipei, Taiwan)

"When I first encountered ChinaSpeak I was bit sceptical...

July 2004

"When I first encountered ChinaSpeak I was bit sceptical but now that I have fully experienced it for a number of weeks I recommend it to anyone who wants to speak Mandarin.

The 3 key things that make this different from other courses are:

Friendly intimate style - the class sizes are small so you get to develop a real rapport with him, who can adjust to your personality and focus on you as an individual.

Improved learning retention - with the individual attention and the focus on getting key content right during each lesson, my retention of what has been taught is much higher than my experience through community college courses.

Flexibility - Working in a managerial position means I cannot always stick to a schedule as much as I would like to. With Alex, there is greater flexibility to fit things into my schedule and therefore ensure I can relax and learn rather than worrying about what is happening at work."

If you want to try something that works, you should give Alex a go.

Richard Wong
Commonwealth Bank
Sydney, New South Wales NSW - Australia

"After the first (lesson), I was already speaking sentences...

I still can't believe how much I've learnt after not that many lessons.

After the first one, I was already speaking sentences.

Alex makes it very easy to learn Chinese. He's such an enthuasiastic teacher and made the lessons very enjoyable.

The stories are unforgettable and really help me remember the words.

Thank you so much for your help!

Teresa Carr

"The Chinese just love it if you can speak some Mandarin...

January 2004

"There are more business opportunities in the mainland and it becomes more important to break the ice. The Chinese just love it if you can speak some Mandarin.

Vivo Nunn
Hong Kong, China

"...I amazed myself by actually speaking the language
in the first hour...

March 2005

"After taking part in a Chinese language lesson with Alex of ChinaSpeak, I would highly recommend his lessons to anyone who needs or wants to learn Chinese fast.

At my last place of work the managing directors were setting off to China for a business trip and spent the week before studying phrase books, all of which they didn't manage to retain. The ChinaSpeak lessons would have been far more beneficial, allowing them to communicate with their clients.

I amazed myself by actually speaking the language in the first hour with no notepaper or writing instruments.

I will definitely be recommending ChinaSpeak to any future contact that requires such a service.

Rebeker Draper
Art Inspired
Perth, Western Australia


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