"Learning to Speak the Mandarin Chinese language...is meant to be fun and natural"

Putting Your Words In Chinese

ChinaSpeak Translation Services

Deal with Chinese guests, clients and partners?

We've had many requests from many savvy (usually business clients) who have their documents translated into Chinese and vice versa, Chinese documents translated into English.


So what's different about ChinaSpeak's services?

'The Art of Painting Your Words Into Chinese"

This is ChinaSpeak's view on putting your words into Chinese.

Sure, the text can be taken and translated literally and the point driven across. But with our highly experienced and NAATI qualified team of translators, your meaning and expression will be put into one of poise, capturing the slight nuances involved in any language.

What may be perfectly acceptable in one language, when literally mechanically translated into another, may mean something completely different!

So hence the "art of painting words" is so rarely considered.

Oh by the way, NAATI is the National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters - the national standards owned by the Australian government.


What kind of translation does ChinaSpeak do?

ChinaSpeak's team of translators not only paint general words, each also have their specialties from governance, engineering to the medical field.


How 'well-painted' will my words be?

Good question. I'm glad you asked.

Not only is the team nationally qualified (with regular training updates) - you are also assured and protected by our 2x2 quality system.

So what is the 2x2 quality system?

In short, 2 translators work as a team to proof-read and do the final check of any "art" that comes in and goes out.

This way, 99% of human mistakes are omitted from your "painting". We like to think the team is perfect but no-one is. =)


So what's the investment in getting my "words painted"?

It varies from art-piece to art-piece, length, complexity, time you need it.

For a concise evaluation, just contact the translation team by emailing:

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