"Learning to Speak the Mandarin Chinese language...is meant to be fun and natural"

"Unlock The China Code"

Key Essential Etiquette to
Avoid Potential Embarassing Situations


"Dining Out...
The Universal Language
of Food and Drink!"


This breakfast workshop, called "Unlock The China Code " is carefully created for business people and professionals who work in China, or receive Chinese business colleagues at home.

It is especially designed to help you not only learn key Chinese phrases, but to also gain a better understanding of Chinese hospitality, and feel comfortable when you are being warmly received by your Chinese hosts.

You will gain a greater awareness of Chinese meal etiquette.. feel comfortable as a dinner guest in China... and be able to cater to Chinese guests visiting you.

Pull up a chair and join over 130 professionals in this language and culture workshop to cover...

>> Introduction to Chinese food history
>> Banquet arrangement
>> The art of chopsticks
>> Table manners
>> Dinner talk
>> Taboo's to avoid
>> Drinks and toasting
>> Understanding the Chinese Psyche

... plus MUCH more!


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